Feel together,
from anywhere

Work as if you’re in-person on your company's virtual island

Working from home doesn’t have to mean feeling apart.

Recreate the social and instant connection vibe of your office with WFHLAND.


Feel like you’re sitting at the same table

Instantly speak to coworkers ‘nearby’ to you with proximity-based audio, bringing back spontaneous conversations without broadcasting to everyone.


See who is in a meeting at a glance

No more checking calendars individually – effortlessly know who is available right now or what meetings are happening.


See and join your team in their work

Jump into a Google Doc or Trello board together in one click for instant collaboration.

Contextual conversations

Space for natural conversation

Bringing body language back to remote work with facial expression recognition. Conversations are ephermeral by default, just like real life. Talk naturally.

Works perfectly with what you already use

WFHLAND is a flexible space for your whole team to feel
more connected and instantly communicate.

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