Hey everyone –

I’m Johnny, founder of 🏝 WFHLAND.

Remote working should’ve been a dream come true.

No more unnecessary commuting, more free time for the things we love doing.

What went wrong?

In this new world, we’re all EITHER heads inside rectangles on a purposeful call OR we’re sending messages, blind to each other’s context.

We’ve lost both the casual desk / coffee machine chat AND the high bandwidth and playfulness that comes with being together in a physical space.

We don’t have the tools yet to feel connected. Using Slack and Zoom to stay connected becomes very transactional. Without shared context and presence, starting a conversation comes with extra friction.

You need to have a reason to reach out – and that means no more casual, natural chat and even less being yourself.

Working from home deserves a new way to stay connected. More fluid. Something that feels more like the shared physical space that we’ve lost, and the presence of being together.

WFHLAND is exactly that. A fresh take on staying connected. A free-form canvas for conversations. A shared office radio. A space to be together.

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